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    Sleep Better. Feel Great. Achieve More.

  • Why Choose Luxe Pillow

    Pillow Idea

    The Catalyst

    When was the last time you replaced your pillow? For something as important as sleep, which affects everything from your mood, to your health, to productivity at work and your relationships; a good night's sleep is paramount. We created the Luxe Pillow to help you fall asleep faster and rest deeper so that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.



    Pillow Design

    The Creation

    It all starts with our design. We've crafted the Luxe Pillow with '3C Technology'. What that means is that the Luxe Pillow is actually made up of three separate sections - the core and then two additional filled chambers. Soft, supportive and structured. A perfect combination of premium materials, new school creativity and old school comfort.

    The Value of a good Pillow

    The Value

    We spend one-third of our lives sleeping so having the right pillow is vital. When you invest in your sleep you're investing in yourself.




  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    "My husband and I love our Luxe Pillows! We chose the down-alternative pillows and they have the perfect balance of support without being too firm. In the past, I've had problems waking up with a sore neck but since I've had my Luxe Pillow I haven't had any neck pain. We were also impressed with the quality of the packaging and the personal note from the owners... you know you are getting a great product as soon as it arrives." Katie P. - Charlotte, NC


    "My favorite thing about my Luxe Pillow is how comfortable it is in every sleeping position. This really sets it apart from pillows designed for back vs. side vs. stomach sleepers. Thank you Luxe Pillow for helping me sleep better every night!" Josh E. - White Salmon, WA


    "These pillows are extraordinary. Not only comfortable but high quality from beginning to end. It is very rare that you purchase an item that goes way above your expectations. I would recommend the Luxe Pillow to anyone, in fact I'm ordering more as Christmas presents. You won't be disappointed. I am definitely sleeping better." Keith S. - Portland, OR

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  • Frequently Asked Question

    What Are Your Pillows Made Out Of?

    Our traditional Luxe Pillow has a down/feather core combo made from small waterfowl and two outer chambers constructed from ultra-premium white goose down. The pillow shell is made from 100% cotton and has double-stitched piped edges. Finally, the Luxe Pillow comes standard with a 300 thread count cotton damask pillow protector to keep your investment in tip top shape.

    What is Your Return Policy?

    At Luxe Pillow we make the highest quality pillow that you will ever sleep on. With that in mind we believe you will love our pillows but if for whatever reason you do not, you can return our pillows risk-free within 30 days. Just let us know why the pillow didn't meet your expectations and we will send you a return label free of charge. You can ship the product back and receive a full refund. No strings attached.

    What If I Still Want Your Pillow But I Don't Buy Products with Down or Feather?

    Luxe Pillow offers a down-alternative pillow made with a Fiber Fill of 100% Polyester gel. The fill is opened and blended then reintroduced into the shell providing a feel that is nearly identical to premium down. It is engineered with the same 3C Technology that we use in the traditional Luxe Pillow. The down-alternative pillow is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

    Are Your Pillows Hypo-allergenic?

    Yes, all Luxe Pillows go through an extensive washing process to clean both the down and the feather and to make sure the product is flawless. All products are certified hypo-allergenic. We also offer down-alternative pillows. See above.

    Does Luxe Pillow Believe in Sustainability?

    Yes, it is our mission to make the highest quality product and take care of the Earth and its resources. With our exacting standards we make sure that all down and feather is sustainably sourced and that we adhere to all Responsible Down Standard (RDS) practices.

    Do You Offer Free Shipping?

    Yes we offer free shipping on all of our products.

    What If I Have Other Questions?

    Feel free to email [email protected] or call us anytime toll-free at 1-800-208-3816.

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